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Apple iTunes 7
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File Name: itunes75setup.exe
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iTunes, the award-winning digital-jukebox software, is now available for Mac and Windows. The iTunes Music Store offers Windows users the same online music store as Mac users, with the same music catalog, the same personal-use rights, and the same 99-cents-per-song pricing. With music from all five major music companies and more than 600 independent labels, the iTunes Music Store catalog now offers more than 1,000,000 songs. Features include a free download with no hidden charges for extra features, MP3 and pristine-quality AAC-encoding from audio CDs, smart playlists, more than 250 free Internet radio stations, and the ability to burn custom playlists to CDs and MP3 CDs, to burn content to DVDs to back up an entire music collection, and to share music via Rendezvous over any network, cross-platform.
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Avatar Patrick
Nov 09, 2006
iTunes For Windows   Rating
While effective as a program for playback of files, iTunes may not be the best choice for everyone. But for those who have a large music library, or those who are constantly downloading music, iTunes makes quick work of organizing all those mis-tagged files. Simply select a song to tag, open the info window, fill in the information, then hit next to go to the next song. Much easier than selecting, opening, finding, filling, closing, finding, selecting....

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Avatar Zeeby-Zebra
Dec 03, 2006
Play musice the "apple" way...   Rating
Everything looks so "apple-ish" in iTunes. Though on the PC it''s a pretty heavy utility.... All things considered I''d prefer WinAmp myself, as it is less heavy and offer more. If you buy online music forever, iTunes (with the conenction to the iTunes store) is definitely the wat to go!!!

Helpful? Yes | No (96% of 152 said yes)
Avatar eduardo
Apr 20, 2004
iTunesSetup.exe   Rating
iTunes 4 is the world’s best digital jukebox for Windows, with the #1 music store inside. With it, you can create your own personal digital music library to manage and listen to your music and audiobook collection, all with drag-and-drop simplicity. iTunes encodes high-quality MP3s as well as pristine AAC, all in a free application. If you don’t like getting charged a subscription fee or paying for additional features like fast CD burning, your digital music experience is about to get a whole lot better. Available for Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows 2000, iTunes 4.2 allows you to sign in and buy music* from the iTunes Music Store with your AOL or Apple Account.

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Avatar JO Reviewer
Jun 17, 2004
iTunes - The best way to get music from the intern...   Rating
iTunes is definitely a path-breaking software. Why? In the age of wide-spread internet piracy, Apple introduced this software as a way for internet users to download music legally. iTunes does not enable you to download music for free. It allows you to buy the songs you like for $0.99 per song. Actually, this does not save you much money as compared to buying the full CD if you download whole albums, but this software allows you to select the songs you like and download only those songs which you want. And so, it could save you a lot of money if you are an avid music fan. As for the features of the program, it does enable you to play music files and use it as a jukebox, etc., but in these cases it pales in comparison with other softwares like Winamp, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player. But still, iTunes is quite good as it itself is free and it enables you to select and buy the songs you like.

Helpful? Yes | No (62% of 418 said yes)
Avatar apple hero
Jun 18, 2007
the search is over and the fun has begun   Rating
This is the best music player better than windows media player 11 and real player 10.5

Helpful? Yes | No (95% of 131 said yes)
Avatar dsfsdfsd
May 16, 2006
Download FREE, Music, Movies, Games, Software, Por...   Rating for FREE, Music, Movies, Games, Software, Porn and MORE

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Avatar ammar
Dec 18, 2006
kool, this program is really kool   Rating
this product is the best until now.get this product

Helpful? Yes | No (89% of 38 said yes)
Avatar Gaffer
May 29, 2004
Quick time player   Rating
Although it is neccessary to play some downloads, it is only there to use when it's a last resort. Get something better to play the rest of your files.

Helpful? Yes | No (68% of 856 said yes)
Avatar Santiago Villegas
May 21, 2004
The world best Jukebox is now for Windows too!!! D...   Rating
Organize, share and enjoy your music. Import Music. All your music in one place in AAC, MP3 or Apple Lossless. Convert unprotected WMAs. Create Playlists. Automatically generate lists of your favorites. Dig deep into your library with Party Shuffle. Share Music. Let the whole family listen to your collection in any room on Mac or Windows. Burn CDs. Burn any playlist. Create CD inserts with mosaics of cover art and track listings. Make backups. Sync with iPod. Transfer over high-speed FireWire or USB 2.0. Sync on-the-go playlists and audiobooks.

Helpful? Yes | No (55% of 238 said yes)
Avatar RJ
Jun 23, 2004
Best Media Player On The Market - And it's Free!   Rating
It's a little work to get set up, but once it is, it's awesome. Easy to use and navigate, there's plenty of sound options, and now UK users can download tracks through teh iTunes store (finally!). I'd recommend this to anyone.

Helpful? Yes | No (62% of 552 said yes)
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