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File Size: 4.75 MB
File Name: ccsetup419.exe
Tags: ccleaner clean traces history privacy

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CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.
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Avatar John
Nov 18, 2006
Needs Attention!!   Rating
I would be wary of installing this program at this time. After cleaning, it has on occasion, permanently disrupted other programs, possibly by deleting DLL's. However, if this can be sorted out, CC would be a pretty handy prog.

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Avatar Rueban
Aug 18, 2006
It's excellent to use and stability software tool   Rating
While using that cc cleaner it removes all cookies and other unwanted things. Really good and fast.

Helpful? Yes | No (81% of 80 said yes)
Avatar Kenneyjh J. Robinson
Sep 14, 2006
But the damn thing takes for ever to load   Rating
I have broadband and the fsatest internet connection that's out there that's possible with today's technology and the damn thing still takes for ever to load, as I'm typing this it still hasn't finished loading, if it had I'd see finished on my screen, shit! I'll let you know how it performs if it ever gets loaded. I'm a senior programmer and sys admin senior and I understand all the paramiters of software and the software industry, nothing should take this long unless you have some lines of unnecesssary code in the matrix algorithms who wrote this thing is it because of the entry?

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Avatar D. A. Cowling (Revd)
Sep 11, 2006
Brilliant product   Rating
While the software is fantastic I find it offensive that this forum is allowed to post obscenities like the one in the review this week. Is there no filtering of content at all?

Helpful? Yes | No (70% of 60 said yes)
Avatar oma
Sep 09, 2006 ( see this site, unever c...   Rating
the software is good try it out for your self

Helpful? Yes | No (76% of 54 said yes)
Sep 03, 2006

Helpful? Yes | No (71% of 156 said yes)
Avatar Hulk
Jun 11, 2006
Test The Best   Rating
Ok...this program really works fine , it makes ur pc runs faster after cleaning all ur old traces , features an Arabic Interface , and over all........FREE!!!

Helpful? Yes | No (67% of 24 said yes)
Avatar John Easton
Oct 29, 2006
This program really sucked.   Rating
It really crashed my system. It made the pc extremely slow and made my gaming time bad.

Helpful? Yes | No (62% of 203 said yes)
Avatar jamshaid hassan
Nov 16, 2006
amazing free software   Rating
This is a wounderful software which can solve many problems with one tuch.thanks for this.God bless you.

Helpful? Yes | No (68% of 37 said yes)
Avatar ken barrett
Aug 28, 2006
the best of the cleaners   Rating
this is far better than anything on the market and its FREE.

Helpful? Yes | No (68% of 56 said yes)
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