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Macro Scheduler Automation Tool
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Create scripts and record macros to automate and control your Windows applications, automate software processes and assign tasks to schedules, desktop shortcuts or hotkeys. Perform complex tasks with a single mouse click, or schedule your computer to perform tasks while you are away. Power users will appreciate the ability of the Pro version to compile scripts into standalone EXE files which can be launched on any Windows PC, and an integrated script debugger aids the creation of complex macros. The Macro Scheduler script language now supports custom dialogs, complex expressions, subroutines and array type variables. Scripts can also include Microsoft VBScript code, combining the power and ease of use of the Macro Scheduler script engine with the popular syntax of VBScript, and allowing increased flexibility and advanced ActiveX automation. Macro Scheduler saves you time by allowing you to create scripts or record macros to automate any task. More than 200 script commands and standard programming constructs include the ability to send keystrokes and mouse events to other applications, wait for windows to open and close, make a particular window active, perform internet tasks, run programs and commands, execute files, read from and write to files, copy, move and delete files, and control applications with DDE. You do not have to be - or hire - a programmer to use Macro Scheduler. For complete ease of use, you can record macros to automatically create efficient, reliable scripts that can be edited and modified later. Recorded macros can even be compiled into standalone Wind
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Avatar Emir911
Feb 24, 2007
Maple Story   Rating
Tired of playing runescape and reaching level 126?Then play Maple Story it''s not a bad game you can fight monsters and even when you''re a noob like lvl say....8 or 9 you can still have fun...and it''s really fun to play with friends i recomend maple story username is emir911 see ya on!

Helpful? Yes | No (93% of 229 said yes)
Avatar Plue
Mar 14, 2007
best game   Rating
eventhough its 2d and all that, this game is fun to play even if u''re very low lvl. It has loads of quest and a lot of maps to explore. At 1st when i see the screen shot i just cancel the dl lol. When i try it it''s fun, i can''t stop XD. Find loads of friend then u''re bound to have fun in maple world!

Helpful? Yes | No (86% of 93 said yes)
Avatar Ram
May 01, 2012
GSqHjUsFBNrsFguP   Rating
You keep it up now, uenrdstnad? Really good to know.

Helpful? Yes | No (100% of 2 said yes)
Avatar DarkCloud
Nov 20, 2006
The problem is not in the game....its the ppl who ...   Rating
the problem is not with the game...i find it to be a fairly good game for being free but the main problem i think is the ppl who play...i mean they only care about being the best and can be jerks at time..i play the game to be with my friends and dont really care for the items and stuff...some ppl can take it too seriously...

Helpful? Yes | No (76% of 67 said yes)
Avatar Hamm
Feb 23, 2006
Not as Great as other Freebies.   Rating
Be aware that this post is lon, and contains nothing but opinions. Maple Story is an ok game, but there are a lot of better, non-paying MMOs out there. The graphics are horrible, even given the fact that they're sprites that look ok, the animation is reaaaaly nasty. The game is simple and incredibly mind-numbing. If you like thinking, stay far far away from it. If you want a free game that requires thought, tyr Anarchy Online, it looks better and it's free, too. Hamm

Helpful? Yes | No (57% of 553 said yes)
Avatar Austinl
Oct 13, 2006
Devils work!   Rating
i heard alot of good things about this game, alot of players that play some other MMO's i play said they loved it, but i was rather disappointed, Hamm earlier said try Anarchy online, don't do it!, i used to play it alot and got to a pretty high lvl, now you have to pay to play it, but its not all that bad so if you want to put your hand in your pocket this is the game to do it with, or guild wars, anyway you want to know where to get a free MMO which is good right? give Flyff and Rappellz a try there awsome free games: thats where they are enjoy :)

Helpful? Yes | No (55% of 408 said yes)
Avatar The Expert
Nov 25, 2006
you stupid people   Rating
let's see all the posts i've looked at say every game otherwords there's always someone bashing some the whole point is that you can't trust other's opinions different games work for different people...maple story and fly for fun are both great games if you don't got money to spend paying a monthly fee. So all of should just stop bashing games cause you waste everyone's time...find the games you like and let others do likewise

Helpful? Yes | No (66% of 70 said yes)
Avatar Dylan Rooks
Jun 10, 2006
Slow at FIRST but an awesome game once u learn the...   Rating
i've moved up since i first started playing this game (49 cleric, SkyMobius, on Broa now XD)and i must say that when u first start playing, u feel kinda like this is pointless and kinda bad.. but then u start getting higher up there and more things in the game become familiar to you, it becomes a great and fun experience. i'd recommend before starting looking at sites to help u start out your first character such as or those are really great sites that u can get loads of information from to help u immensely.

Helpful? Yes | No (57% of 236 said yes)
Avatar *Unknown
Jan 11, 2007
Review on Maple Story   Rating
This story may seem bad, but actually as you progress on, it gets more interesting. Here you can meet people from all over the world that play this game. I think that this story rocks, from the graphics to the music in every town/city.

Helpful? Yes | No (74% of 133 said yes)
Avatar Michiel van Vliet
May 01, 2006
For the real gamer with the less computer....   Rating
Really Really good game, most people i talk to about this game dont want it anymore after i said it is 2d but its so enormously beautiful! =) the sound is great! The game makes you feal happy. The lag is fine im from holland and i never feel any lag, that says a lot cause the server is really far away from where i live. Just try it and you'll see.......

Helpful? Yes | No (64% of 265 said yes)
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