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MailScan for MDaemon
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MailScan for MDaemon® is a proven antivirus solution designed to protect against email viruses and block spam. Situated directly on the MDaemon® email server, rather than dispersed on each client computer, MailScan proactively secures the network by banning harmful email messages at the server. MailScan for MDaemon® scans and cleans all viruses and worms on every component (e.g. HTML attachments, HTML scripts, S/Mime) in an email message. It also provides the utility to delete known malicious attachments like HAPPY99.EXE and EXPLOREZIP right at the Gateway/MDaemon® server level. Once detained, infected email is deleted, quarantined for further review, or forwarded to an administrator. MailScan for MDaemon® users have the option to receive live antivirus updates from the Internet, via FTP. This antivirus solution automatically upgrades and reconfigures antivirus definitions. Updates can be accomplished with any proxy server and MailScan for MDaemon® completely automates all relevant updating tasks, requiring zero administrative efforts.
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Avatar rfferes!!
Oct 17, 2007
Brilliant!   Rating

Helpful? Yes | No (82% of 79 said yes)
Avatar Pansing, Windia
Jun 14, 2006
Enter the MapleWorld   Rating
Really, really addicting, This Game is great. Before u know, u will have spend tons of time at this game (lol), but if u r still a noob, life's hard! so ask ur fellow-Maplers for help. (Also for the gameplay) Start with a basic character which u will develop as u play. too bad bout those damn hackers though. Report em!! have fun! & happy Mapling

Helpful? Yes | No (59% of 206 said yes)
Avatar Xiiao^Hei
Sep 26, 2007
Worth to introduce~   Rating
~FREE OF CHARGE~ This game really only can use MARVELLOUS to desribe... Maplers can enjoy new quests and town from time to time because it always patching..^^ But , there will be a lot 3D game player say us (maplers) childish , don''t care them ! Maple Rox & Peace Foreva~

Helpful? Yes | No (67% of 6 said yes)
Avatar Burt Gummer
Oct 13, 2004
This was virus   Rating
It killed my computer!

Helpful? Yes | No (61% of 698 said yes)
Avatar roby
Dec 03, 2007
thats weird   Rating
here says this game has 342 megas and when i started downloading ...685 mega?

Helpful? Yes | No (75% of 4 said yes)
Avatar JukeBoxzHero
Feb 24, 2007
i love this game, its mainly the only mmorpg i play...i think this game is better thank WoW

Helpful? Yes | No (72% of 29 said yes)
Avatar FEARAngelz
Mar 04, 2006
No good game-Sux   Rating
Do not ever play this game-EVER! Its gameplay sux, its graghics although is good for a 2d-it is no darn SIMPLE, it does not have a storyline to go with and the characters and skills sux.furthurmore it does not have guild wars etc like RO.... I remind you....DUN PLAY THIS GAME EVER!!!!

Helpful? Yes | No (46% of 539 said yes)
Sep 30, 2006
really fun to play w/ friends!! IT ROX!   Rating
ms isn't really fun playing by yourself because it gets monotonous and boring, but when you play w/ friends all of the sudden the world lightens up! This game is meant to be played w/ friends, so all you lonely people stay away from this

Helpful? Yes | No (56% of 212 said yes)
Avatar Best regret kelvin
Apr 22, 2006
IT rox at mid game.   Rating
mayne the first few poster xcan think continue playing is quite nice as this file is mapleglobal and there are alot new map like legoland with consist of 100+ it will be more fun then before,,gve it a try.i nv play global because i live in SG.i am playing maplesea.

Helpful? Yes | No (54% of 173 said yes)
Avatar 3omda
May 16, 2007
my addection begin from here   Rating
2 years ago iw as bored from common games , then i noticed that link about top games inside dap. and i reas the comments about it it was interisting , some comments say it''s excellient game, other comments say it''s boring game, so i felt interisted about it and i downloaded it, well i still play it till now , it took me 2 years to make my little dk lol but i want to say maplestory not just a game it''s a life may be better than real life

Helpful? Yes | No (50% of 4 said yes)
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