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New Morpheus with BitTorrent support adds podcast searching and publishing to its popular P2P file-sharing and search application. Morpheus makes it easy to burn CDs or transfer audio and video files to your iPod or MP3 player. Morpheus' set of features makes it simple to search, discover, download, and play all types of media files including MP3 audio, music, movies, videos, games, photos, and documents. Search multiple P2P networks including the Neo Network, Gnutella and BitTorrent to find rare and unique content you can't find elsewhere.
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Avatar mr beezley
Aug 28, 2006
theres nowt that this site cant find...yee all   Rating
came across morph by accident glad i did folkes,it has a wider database than emule n the likes...thank god for morph..cut

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Avatar Santiago Villegas
May 21, 2004
Morpheus is a communications tool that allows user...   Rating
Morpheus allows you to find files anytime, anywhere, without any waiting. The ease of use with advanced search functions such as multiple searches, keywords and descriptions along with file bundling make Morpheus a superior file-sharing software product. Morpheus provides users with access to a massive global user network. Decentralized peer-to-peer networks are the most cost effective way to deliver content because they help distribute hardware and bandwidth costs. Morpheus allows people to connect directly and share information. The peer-to-peer user network becomes richer and more fulfilling the more people use Morpheus.

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Avatar Deza
Aug 02, 2004
Morpheus.exe (v4)   Rating
Search all the major file-sharing networks and connect with users of Kazaa, iMesh, eDonkey, Overnet, Grokster, Gnutella, LimeWire, G2, and others with Morpheus 4. Spyware, slow, and not GOOD at all. downloaded something else like kazaa or overnet. Compared to Overnet this program just doesn't cut it.

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Avatar John Paul
Apr 04, 2004
has a lot of spyware   Rating
the only prob with morph is that it comes with spyware which in turn makes u r connectivity and dl slow!it gives a lot of searches though

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Avatar elliot perkins
May 16, 2004
morpheus download for downloading things   Rating
um i just downloaded it so i dont know if its all that great but it seems like a very good download for your systme it will allow you to download music and other programs which you will use to get music, movies , photos etc it doesnt really matter what you want you are sposed to be able to find it using this program

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Avatar viv
Oct 02, 2006
virus infection   Rating
When I downloaded this program, it included a virus which destroyed some of my programs, and led to my computer havind to be put in user partition, and I had to re-install all programs that were on my computer.

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Avatar blue
Dec 19, 2005
Best P2P software is Shareaza its free from virus ...   Rating
Best P2P software is Shareaza its free from virus & spywares fast and wasy to use. search fast on other network and fast download speed. i am using it for last 1 year.

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Avatar Achilleas Psiloyenis
Jun 14, 2004
ok here goes...   Rating
The Good: For more results then any other P2P application :: Exclusive features that no other program has like Narrow search, Search power, and something else that a few others have Extended info. A good feature is the quality thing :: Fast downloads :: The Bad: Contains bundled extras and has a few popups, takes up a lot of your system resorces

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Avatar smiley10
Jun 25, 2004
Wastage of time   Rating
This program just wastes your time.First of all it is very diffcult to install it ,I tried to download and install it many many times but it didnt work.After dowloading, it it was failed to connect.I wasted a lot of time for this stupid product.It is a purchasable product but no one should spend a single sent on morpheus

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Avatar Martin De Leon
Jul 04, 2004
A p2p file sharing program   Rating
a file sharing programs w/ includes annoying spywares

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