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Norton Security
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File Size: 110.26 MB
File Name: NS-TW-22.0.0-EN-US.exe
Tags: Antivirus automatic AWARD Easy EMail Internet ntiVirus Options PC Protect Scan Security support trusted Update updates virus

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Symantec’s Norton Security offers Rock-solid Norton protection for all the devices you use, specialized security for each of your devices, peace of mind thanks to privacy protection, flexible protection to grow with your needs, guaranteed protection.
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Avatar Remo
Dec 28, 2004
A good AntiVirus Software from Symantec and its na...   Rating
Hello, this file is A good AntiVirus Software from Symantec and its name is Norton Antivirus 2004 Professional. this file works efficiently and is very very useful for all computer users. this software cleans computer from any virus, trojans, worms etc. Read more about it by following the below-mentioned links thanks Remo

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Avatar Carl B
Jun 16, 2004
Great Antivirus program! Very easy to use, yet ver...   Rating
Norton Antivirus Pro 2004 is easy ebough for a novice to use, yet powerfull enough the even the most advanced user. It offers easy updating of virus definitions, and even constant virus protection to alert you immidatly when you get a virus. It even has E-mail scaning!

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Avatar liam sullivan
May 24, 2004
Norton 2004 anti-virus is the best anti-virus soft...   Rating
I found that nortons 2004 anti-virus did all that what would be expected of a anti-virus product and thats why I always choose norton

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Avatar mer
Jun 05, 2004
Excellent programe-very powerful and easy to use   Rating
I recommend it very much,it is so easy to use and so powerful while downloading,so I enjoy very much.

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Avatar Alex
Jun 11, 2004
Norton Antivirus 2004 pro   Rating
Excelent at detecting and cleaning virus. The best I've ever seen.

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Avatar COREY
Mar 05, 2004
Norton 2004   Rating
the file is corupt

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Avatar Cindy B.
Jul 10, 2004
Norton Professionall 2004 version anti-virus softw...   Rating
This was a trial version that I downloaded and found to not be as effective as the previous version.I had immediate problems with this software and opted to uninstall it before I found myself troubleshooting my pc from a product that is supposed to be helpful,I was glad to reinstall the norton 2003 version which proves that upgrade doesn't always mean better.

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Avatar Mano
Apr 23, 2004
does not log into all download sites   Rating
Older version seemed better as it logged into all download sites and downloaded the programs faster,some sites use ftp and this does not seem to make a difference in this program when downloading - I have always prefered and used DAP above all others,cannot purchase latest release at this moment in time,but rather use older version which was free

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Avatar Arsenij Leontjev
Jul 19, 2004
Norton Antivirus 2004   Rating
One of the best version of norton's antivirus software i have used!its a big sgtep from their 2003 software and includes many improvements.

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Avatar Psychotic Hawk
Apr 12, 2004
The best antivirus   Rating
Norton Antivirus 2004 - The best antivirus

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