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Sudoku 9981
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You can create, play, print,and solve Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku 9981 has unlimited puzzles for you to play, or you can copy puzzles from newspapers and magazines. You can also open many more grids from the Internet. The program will help you out when you get stuck as some of the features included are: automatically generate possible number notes; solve puzzle; highlight where you went wrong.Comprise function of displaying Singles Candidature.Most hard puzzles.
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Avatar Silly Bint the witch
Mar 16, 2006
Not a very good doctor   Rating
I had a couple of problems that I hoped this doctor woudl sort out. Firstly, there is a big wart on the end of my nose, it make me look like a witch. I hoped he would give me something to make the wart go away, but no, he didnt and now i stuck with this wart forever !!! Secondly, i cant stop biting my toenails, even when I'm out in public. Only the other day while on a bus I had to whip my shoes n socks off & start to bite my toenails. This is not good. Although I installed and ran the software, these problems still remain. I must say though, it did clean up my computer a treat and therefore I recommend using Spy Doctor for that purpose only, and not for any medical ailments you may have.

Helpful? Yes | No (65% of 454 said yes)
Avatar NicK
Apr 27, 2006
Spyware Doctor   Rating
I suggest downloading it only if you're up to spending some cash online otherwise don't waste your time because it wont clean anything unless you purchase their product only one thing its pretty much the best spyware cleaner out there and worthy every penny. I currently use it and i like the real time protection its easy to operate and makes sure your PC is safe from any possible spyware infection. I recommend it.

Helpful? Yes | No (73% of 355 said yes)
Avatar Lynn Schmale
Oct 27, 2006
The Doctor is OUT....of my computer!   Rating
I had nothing but TROUBLE with this program. I thought I had a virus, stuff was so screwed up. To cut a long story short, it ended up that once I 'killed' the doctor, all my problems died with it. Several of my programs wouldn't even run at all; which is fine if the Doctor would have given me the choice as to whether or not to run them...but it just blocked them, and I had no idea. This included my virus protection, email programs, and other things I use EVERY DAY. Honestly, I would never pay for this program. I wouldn't even take the free download again. There are a lot of other programs out there to use that aren't into S&M on your pc. Oh, yeah; I'm not the average joe-know nothing, either. I'm a tech. So if it got by me, God have mercy on the poor souls who DON'T know how to troubleshoot their computer.

Helpful? Yes | No (57% of 219 said yes)
Avatar super
Sep 10, 2008
SDsetup.exe   Rating
If i''d wanted spyware doctor on my pc, i''d have gone to their site and downloaded it from there. Why do you allow this mis-representation? i thought i''d have a look at a ''sexy desktop'' for one of my friends, instead i almost installed a program no-one wants. !

Helpful? Yes | No (89% of 47 said yes)
Avatar Heloise
Aug 10, 2011
kwaVNshqGimHwBOf   Rating
Fralnky I think that''s absolutely good stuff.

Helpful? Yes | No (100% of 3 said yes)
Avatar Misael
Apr 18, 2009
Sudoku 9981   Rating
ESET Nod detected a trojan once removed i wasnt able to open

Helpful? Yes | No (93% of 42 said yes)
Avatar Boo
Mar 30, 2007
doctor that required a high health care plan   Rating
Only thing this is good for is blocking stuff from coming in other then that it won''t clean at all without some cash.

Helpful? Yes | No (87% of 97 said yes)
Avatar Jerry
Sep 03, 2007
Good doctor   Rating
very good at detecting adware and trojans and malware and stuff like that

Helpful? Yes | No (88% of 101 said yes)
Avatar RolanDinDinDino
Dec 24, 2006
It''s a so-so application. you can do better with ...   Rating
This is an allright aplication, I guess. I don''t understand why it''s not 100% free (this is a trial version). Other software, like lavasoft or SpyBOT SD are free and does the same job...

Helpful? Yes | No (84% of 32 said yes)
Avatar Ahdy Boutros
Dec 28, 2005
SpyWare Doctor   Rating
I find it great. It is really useful.

Helpful? Yes | No (72% of 346 said yes)
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