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Tibia is one of the oldest and most successful online role playing games (MMORPG) in Europe. Around the world, more than 250.000 active players on 70 game servers inhabit the medieval world of Tibia. The main attraction of the game consists in the development of the characters' skills and the interaction with other players. Because of its strongly international audience, the official language of the game is English. Tibia can be played free of charge as a matter of principle. However, the game can be upgraded anytime to a Premium Account.
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Avatar KaiHaku
Jan 05, 2007
Good low-sysreq MMORPG   Rating
I''ve seen many people quit this game in 10 minutes or so due to its poor graphics and no music/sounds at all, it does not gain much attention to the gamers whos priorities are those high-end grapics and sounds game, though, I gotta say this game is VERY addicting once you get the hang of it. When you first start the game, and figure out how to enter the sewers and how to fight the monsters, it will not satisfy you until you destroy all the mice in the seweres :). There are endless maps/dungeons/towns to explore, and some magics are pretty unique. Also, getting friends in this game is very easy. When you see someone''s on trouble, lend him a helping hand and you will have a new name in your buddy list. I would say atleast give it shot.

Helpful? Yes | No (88% of 96 said yes)
Avatar Marshall Banana
Aug 04, 2006
Tibia isn't for everyone.   Rating
Okay, so. Tibia is pretty hard to play, servers are low rate and exp gain slow but.. If all you need is nice graphics then don't even think about tibia. To be honest the graphic is just AWFUL but this game still has that 'something' that keeps you playing. I don't recommend you to start playing at PK servers, from my own experience I know that people playing Tibia are quite sneaky and will kill you if they see your HP low (you can see the others HP, that's a con for me). However, if you can get through the first few levels the game gets pretty interesting. It's kinda old-school RPG game, not for everyone.

Helpful? Yes | No (79% of 134 said yes)
Avatar ROPwnsTibia
Dec 07, 2006
Tibia is good before you discover Ragnarok Online   Rating
Pretty good game if you''re a dialup user. The game consists of 2-D graphics and you see no movement of the character except walking. However, this game consists of LOTS of quests, pretty good weapon arsenal and a friendly community. The graphics aren''t all but no sound and top-down (ooh it rhymed) really makes it boring. Ragnarok online I would recommend to anyone with a fast connection (maybe 60 KBs per second downloads? Idk) LOTS of jobs and many monsters. The "cards" used in Ragnarok Online is what makes it unique. Tibia I would give a 7/10 for dialup a 1/10 for DSL users. Ragnarok Online is better than this.

Helpful? Yes | No (67% of 43 said yes)
Avatar Ghost91
Oct 18, 2006
Its ok i guess   Rating
Look some people do like it some people dont this has a good character disign and the graphics are ok for it.I will say there are a lot of games way better than this and am talking about way better!But its good for Dial-up users.The big down fall is that fighting can be so boring.You dont even see the guy swing the sword he just stands there,and that makes it really boring.A good thing about the game is that there are actually people playing it so you are not a lone xD.Sorry this game would get like a an average of 2.2 because i know some games that are worst that this one.

Helpful? Yes | No (51% of 383 said yes)
Avatar sanguo
Jan 03, 2007
it is good good   Rating
dont listen to ppl saying graphic suk,now is pretty had fun quest,it really realitic as when u shop u had to queue up lot of function fun enough!

Helpful? Yes | No (80% of 25 said yes)
Avatar Rare Dare Devil
Oct 03, 2006
Tibia isnn't that bad   Rating
Tibia is a great game pay no attention to these retards who only rate a game based on its graphics tibia is 2d top view but that didnt matter in gta1 so i dont see why u all cry about it now. Try actually getting off rook guard before you rate the game the community is great and the game gets funner has you advanced in level. I do suggest you read for information or forums for guids has it can be hard at first.

Helpful? Yes | No (50% of 423 said yes)
Avatar Gblando
Aug 31, 2006
Excellent low-system requeriments game   Rating
Excelent game becoming one of the most played MMORPG around the world... Just needing few requeriments its the most basic game but also great in his community of players.

Helpful? Yes | No (72% of 57 said yes)
Avatar FuckFucker
Sep 04, 2006
dont waste ur time   Rating
tibia sucks

Helpful? Yes | No (64% of 744 said yes)
Avatar Xaldin
Oct 14, 2006
This Game is AWESOME   Rating
The graphics are more deveoped now are stil improving. Try to actually get past rook which can be somtimes hard for newbies but keep at it / In main u can PK people and fight 100's of new monsters and also u can travel the huge world of tibia. Dont discourage peope jus cuz ur on rook and u cant get past it. In main u can get married be in a guild own a house and kill poepl for messing with u. XD i played this game for 2 years now and i now for real how good it really is.

Helpful? Yes | No (51% of 258 said yes)
Avatar Paul
Nov 08, 2006
MMORPG Tibia   Rating
I played this game for 2 years and although now i have quit it is a good game. It's graphics are limited, it has no sound and there is not much in the way of a tutorial at the begining but if you work at the game it will become more fun and enjoyable. Tibia strong point is that you can make friends alot easier and chat with them alot easier than games such as World of Warcraft and Runescape. Also it's free... or you can pay for added benefits! I'd give it a try 7/10

Helpful? Yes | No (54% of 120 said yes)
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