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File type: DAP

Why can't I open .dap files?

Files with the extension .dap are temporary files created by Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), and are actually Paused or Uncompleted downloads. These downloads can be resumed only by DAP.

How can I complete these downloads (Open .dap files)?

In order to resume these downloads DAP must be installed on your computer:

  1. Start Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) from the Programs menu or double-click the DAP system tray icon,
  2. After DAP's main window opens, double-click the download you want to resume in the Downloads list
  3. Click Resume in the dialog box that appears.
Note! If DAP is not installed on your PC there is no way to resume the download and you may delete the .dap file.

Make sure you have the latest version of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) installed.
Stable release10
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X
TypeDownload manager

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