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Adobe Media Player 1.0 on Mac OS X
Developer(s)Adobe Systems
Operating systemMac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Adobe AIR
TypeMedia player, Internet TV, Media Aggregator
WebsiteAdobe Media Player Website

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Adobe Media Player

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Adobe Media Player allows users to stream, download, manage, and play media content. Users can queue and download content for Internet TV shows and video podcasts, and manage a personal video library. For consumers, Adobe Media Player features:

  • FLV on Desktop - Stream, download, manage, and play rich media content in the FLV format
  • Favorite Shows - Automatically download episodes of Internet TV shows and video podcasts
  • What's New - Organize and play a list of episodes from Internet TV shows and video podcasts
  • Library - Gather and manage collections of Flash videos
  • Tags & Ratings - Add keywords and ratings to Flash videos
  • Smart Playlists - Filter Library and Favorites based on tags and ratings
  • Catalog - Find Internet TV shows and video podcasts

Adobe Media Player is also designed for media content publishers to distribute, track and monetize their media contents. It features:

  • Branding - Deliver backgrounds and badges that are displayed dynamically around the distributed contents
  • Advertising - Deliver banners, in-rolls, and bugs that are displayed dynamically in and around the distributed contents
  • Usage Statistics - Anonymously tracks and asychronously reports content usage
  • Content Protection - Ensure that advertisements cannot be replaced or removed, and that content cannot be reused or remixed
  • Media RSS - Increases viewership by delivering new content on an automatic and periodic basis via RSS technology

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